“Yarok Yarok Event Design” specializes in designing boutique events, events in
different styles and sizes, for business and privet customers, in Israel and aboard.
The company design services includes a complete design concept from the event
space details to consulting and overall styling
Yarok Yarok event design operates in the event design area for the past twenty
years. We operate as the home design company of King David luxurious hotel. We
provide design services for different institutes in Israel from the president house,
the Israel art museum, the Knesset and more as well as private customers from
Israel and aboard.
The company services:
Style and design:

  • Event Concept and Design
  • Total look
  • Table centers
  • Flowers
  • Hoppa design

Styling and consultant:
Personal stylist and designer that escort the bride and groom, advise them with all
the hard decisions on their special day.

  • Wedding dress
  • Groom suit
  • Bridesmaid / groomsman
  • Beauty: hair and make up